Ishokune Family Members

Currently, there are 3 members of the Ishokune series of UTAU's

Ishokune Ace
Newest VB: ACT3

Newest Append: APPEND DIAMOND (Soft/Mellow)
Click Me to Download APPEND DIAMOND!

Character Profile: 
Age        15
Height        172cm
Weight        53kg
Birthday    31/3/1997
Release        19/3/2012
Optimum Genre    Pop
Favourite Food    Chocolate Brownies
Character Item     Lion plush toy
Recommended Flags g-2BR40b40

 Ishokune Joker
Newest VB: ACT2
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Character Profile:
Age        13
Height        160cm
Weight        53kg
Birthday    16/6/1999
Release        27/5/2012
Optimum Genre    Pop/Rock
Character Item    Tiger plush toy
Recommended Flags g+2Br5S0F0

Ishokune Sane
Newest VB: ACT1
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Character Profile:
Age        12
Height        148cm
Weight        46kg
Birthday    4/8/2000
Release        31/8/2012
Optimum Genre    Pop/Rock
Favourite Food    Nectarines
Character Item     Nectarine
Recommended Flags g-2Br5S0F0

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